About Me


I started going to conventions when Project A-Kon had a single digit in it’s numbering scheme.   It was A-Kon 9 and when I went to there it was like walking into a whole new world.   I was just getting into anime back in the day and to find out there was a place were anime fans came together en masse blew my mind and then I saw them; cosplayers.   People we’re actually dressing up as the characters I was falling in love with!  Tenchi just walked by!  There’s Sailor Moon!   Is that Ranma Saotome being chased by Shampoo!?   This is epic!  I was hooked.

The next year I came prepared with Kodak disposable cameras!   I took pictures of everyone and everything I could that was cosplaying.  They were terrible pictures and most never saw the light of day.   The year after that I showed up with Sony Maciva digital camera, the kind that loads in the back with a CD that it writes to as you take pictures.  It was only 2 mega pixels and had no zoom on it.  It was bulky and didn’t take the best pictures but I loved taking the pictures anyway.  Most saw the bottom of the trash bin.   I kept at it and a few years later I discovered what it was to be labelled a  ‘Cameko’.   At AnimeFest I met that man that would become my mentor; Skypirate.   I loved his work and I decided after that meeting that I wanted to become a Cameko.   The next year I went out and put myself in deep debt to purchase my first full professional camera system staring then top of the line Canon 30D camera and a 24-70mm Luxury lens.

Over the next decade I learned much about photography and trained with online courses in photography and Photoshop, combining these learned skills to produce cosplay photo art in my own style.  I have since achieved some personal goals I had set for myself.   I helped start one of the largest cosplay communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area known as the Texas Metroplex Cosplay Coalition.   I was hired by one of the best conventions in the United States, Mechacon, to be their photographer and I achieved the honor of getting to sit with talented cosplayers and be a judge in the big cosplay shows.   I have traveled to many states, been to dozens and dozens of conventions and have taken well over 10,000 cosplay photos over the years.

I’m still here though I don’t shoot as much convention work as I use to.  The environment is becoming more difficult to get the kind of professional shots I like based on my quality standards.  I tend to do more private shoots and studio work these days.  I don’t actively advertise and don’t do as much conventions as I use to.  Times change and I am quite content to not to change with them.   I’ll always shoot for my friends and anyone I feel is worthy of my time that asks but the days of setting up shoot schedules and running around like a chicken with my head cutoff at a convention are over.

Quick FAQS:
Asuka Langley Soryu is my waifu.

There is no other like her.Washuu is my favorite female anime character.
Lupin III is my favorite male character.
Tenchi Muyo is my favorite series.
Pioneer shall always be the best anime release company ever.   They never released a bad film.